Dc Power Cable

  • Dustproof Splitter DC Power Cable
Dustproof Splitter DC Power Cable

Dustproof Splitter DC Power Cable

  • Current: DC Cable
  • Voltage: Low and Medium Voltage Cable
  • Certification: ISO, CCC, CE, RoHS, UL
  • HS Code: 8536690000
  • Product description: Splitter DC Power Cable,DC Splitter,2 Way Splitter,Power Cord Splitter, Splitter Cable,Power Splitter Cable,Cord Splitter,Power Supply Splitter,Cable Cord Splitter
Dustproof Splitter DC Power Cable
1)The DC right/angle plug diameter: 5.5*2.5mm, 4.75*1.7mm, 4.8*1.7mm, 5.5*1.5mm, 7.4*5.0*1.6m
2)Certificates standard: UL&CE.
3)Metals Outer: 8-12mm
4)Cable: UL1185/20AWG or 2464 18AWG, 2C*17/0.15mm, 2C*26/0.15mm
5)Colors: Black and white PVC/PE cores
6)Length: 1.5m or according to the customers' request
7)100% open&short test
8)Voltage Rating: 220V
9)Current rated: 5A
10)The times of capable of being inserted and pulled out:5000
11)Protect from,dusts and other powders.
12)Insertion Force: 35N Max
13)Withdraw force: 9.8N Min



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